"Receive the blessing from flower, woody bark and root,

the blessing from flower woody bark and root, receive

the blessing from flower, woody bark and root."


Step into the moment, create your own reality with pure aroma and luxuriate.

oCCo Brand products are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and fresh. 

oCCo Brand is a sustainably produced and handcrafted.

oCCo is about connecting with essence, the power of the universe.

oCCo began in the summer of 2012 when I wanted superior natural quality
botanical aroma, not happy with the stale and over-complicated blends I was finding,

I started blending my own. I was having a blast blending and designing the packaging.

I started to create luxurious pure botanical perfumes, practical deodorants,

and simple salves. The process has been abundant and offers me and others a divine experience. I appreciate the support my local community gives to oCCo. 

Consider business a living organism and be a part of the joy! oCCo is about power

to the one who creates in community. oCCo speaks to creating a culture

of sustainability and happiness shared by all. Potent essential expression.


Step into the moment and create your own reality with pure aroma and luxuriate.

Attention goes into the creation of the blends, package design, bottling and shipping.  I solely create and design, blend and bottle oCCo. 


Aromatic: having a pleasant and distinctive smell. 

A chemical compound containing a planar unsaturated ring of atoms that is

stabilized by an interactionof the bonds forming the ring. 

OCCO: Open Close Close Open.



Photo by Kelly Niemaszyk
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